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hello . bonjour . hola . konichiwa . what's good, world? welcome to my tumblr (; cherr!cakes here . born Cherri [Sherri] , like the liquor not the fruit . Nineteen years old young and I never wanna grow up. Second year music major at UC Riverside . Random and goofy . HUGE kid at heart . kid at size [ 5ft 100 lbs] Southern California born &. raised . full of flaws & imperfections , random thoughts, ideas that could change the world. in a complicated battle with L O V E that I'm losing . Love meeting new people , good music , and being a help. totally blunt . if sex, drugs, and/or rock n roll offend you, this is not the place for you to be (:


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Angelica liked Gaga even before Gaga was famous.
  • Angelica: Cynthia and Cynthia were born this way.